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Welcome to Tackshed.

Now open! Based at the home of Talent Of The Horse in Wreningham, Norfolk, we specialise in and stock a wide range of natural horsemanship equipment and natural horse healthcare products.

Parelli type ropes, halters and sticks. Bitless bridles and learning bits, bareback pads, protection boots and much, much more. Western saddles coming soon, most things available - if you have any requests or requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are also Forever Living stockists and Equine Science representatives after a lot of success using the products ourselves on the training yard. Happy to help and deal with mail order, come in and browse or give us a call on 01508 489544.


Side Pull

Side Pull


The Side-pull's main purpose is to train young horses. However its specific noseband - which replaces the bit, also makes it an appreciated bridle for riders with horses with a sensitive mouth or horses who do not accept any kind of bits. The noseband is composed of two parts: a soft oiled nylon upper part and an adjustable leather chin strap. The special Side-Pull reins are 230 cm long. Havana stitched oiled buffalo leather. Nickel plated buckles.

Rope Halter

Rope Halter: Standard 2 Knot


Pre-knotted halter in soft braided polypropylene, adjustable with knots. Available in Red/Black.

Bareback Pad

Bareback Pad


Get the great feel of bareback riding... all in comfort! Shaped bareback pad in acrylic wool with buffalo split leather reinforcements at the bottom. Thick foam padding and synthetic sheepskin lining. Features adjustable stirrup leathers on rings affixed on each side of a reinforcing strap, and a polypropylene holding strap. Western type zinc stirrups. Long girthing with polypropylene billets and short padded cotton girth, 70 cm long. Chromed metal buckles. Ready to use!

Full Cheek

Leather Fuller Full Cheek


Ideal to help young horses to accept the bit, and for horses who do not accept the contact of metal inside their mouths. Leather coated stainless steel FEELING bits are simple bits that encourage the horses to salivate and relax. Like resin or rubber bits, their lifespan depends on your horse and the shape of his teeth. In order to make the bits last, we recommend to wet the leather before each use and rinse it thoroughly afterwards. Regular application of food oil will keep the leather from becoming hard and dry.

Carrot Stick

Carrot Stick


A communication stick, used as an extension of the arm by ethological riders to work with their horses on foot. Long fibreglass whip with closed buffalo leather flapper, pierced to attach removable polypropylene float with double leather tie end (190 cm long). Comfort anti-slip handle made of rubber.

Saddle Pad

Equi-Theme "Confort" Saddle Pad


Smart, comfy saddle pad compliments any saddle. Available in dressage or GP. Protective saddle pad for horses with sensitive skin or subject to chafing injuries. Entirely lined with soft touch synthetic sheepskin and 10mm foam padding. Square quilted polyester outer. Self-gripping straps and girth loops.

Jumptec Air Closed Tendon Boots

Jumptec Air Closed Tendon Boots/Training Wraps


The Jumptec Air Closed Tendon Boots/Training Wraps offer support, protection and breathability to the fetlock and tendon, and are a great alternative to polo bandages for your flatwork schooling or lunge workouts.

The Jumptec Air Closed Tendon Boots/Training Wraps are supple closed tendon boots with fetlock protection to provide efficient support for the sesamoid bones without compression, thanks to low wrapping closure. Made in honeycomb neoprene, 8mm thick, and covered with soft anti- chafing polyester. The wraps fasten with 3 wide self-gripping straps.

Aloe Vera Drinking Gels

Aloe Vera Drinking Gels

These Aloe Vera drinks can be added to the horses feed/drunk by riders and can provide a number of beneficial effects. Due to its nutrient content it is reputed to revitalise energy levels, help to maintain the suppleness of joints, improve blood flow, increase cell division and healing, kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi, have anti-inflammatory effects and have antioxidant properties (deal with free radicals), in addition to the above.

Since Aloe is a totally natural product, there are no known side-effects and it is suitable for all competition horses or leisure horses and their riders. Also available with Peach flavour, with added apple and cranberry juice or with added glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, MSM and vitamin C.

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen Tablets

Useful for allergic respiratory problems such as hay fever, OPD and asthma. Could be useful for head shakers. A complete food rich in all essential nutrients.

Aloe Vera Gelly

Aloe Vera Gelly

This is a thick Gelly, almost one hundred percent Aloe Vera Gel, with well-documented anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. After thorough cleansing with Aloe Vet Formula, the Gelly is quickly absorbed at a wound site, or any area of soreness, where it lubricates, soothes and promotes healing in the affected area. Also speeds up the healing process and reduces scarring.

Horse Quencher

Horse Quencher

Horse Quencher is a mix of all-natural grains and flavourings that, when added to a bucket of water, makes horses drink eagerly. Part of the product floats on top of the water tempting your horse to sip, while the heavier grains flavour the water and then sink to the bottom of the bucket, so your horse will carry on drinking until he can lick the bucket clean. The product is not an electrolyte, it simply gets your horse to drink water immediately, but it can be used with electrolytes to increase their acceptance and to aid in recovery after exercise.

Lozere Saddle

Lozere Saddle

Oiled buffalo leather outdoor saddle. Fibreglass tree, leather covered padded seat, and synthetic sheepskin lined panels. Long flaps filled with oiled leather air panels kneepads, under flaps with front knee rolls. Fitted with a pair of split leather lined stirrups leathers, brass stirrups with wide non-skid treads and cotton girth. Two tie rings and two dees at the front and at the back, and a crupper dee. Solid brass buckles.


Wintec Pro Stock Saddle


Ex Demo model, so light to no use actually on a horse, hence immaculate condition. These saddles are ideal training saddles, giving the horse that freedom to move in the shoulder and the riders weight being so evenly distributed. Fantastic seat especially for those youngsters if they get a bit fresh. Fully adjustable so as the horse matures and gains muscle you can accomodate for this or if like myself you use a training saddle, IDEAL that it's versatile in shape and not as heavy as a western (my second choice).

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